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Helpful Car Service Advice to Used Car Owners

April 11, 2016

3041590472_69bb8e8ba9_bBe aware of your vehicle’s regular maintenance schedule. The owner’s manual is a great guide to check when your vehicle is due for a routine car repair. Keep a tire gauge in your car in order to check tire pressure regularly. To ensure your tires are at the correct air pressure level, consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Keep your used car clean. Many people underestimate the importance of a clean car.

Used cars can last up to 200,000 + miles with the proper care and scheduled auto repair. Vehicle owners who properly take their used car in for its routine auto maintenance not only get a vehicle with a longer life, but also save more money from preventing costly repairs.

Be aware of your vehicle’s regular maintenance schedule. The owner’s manual is a great guide to check when your vehicle is due for a routine car repair. The owner’s manual contains information such as how regularly to check your vehicle’s filters and when to replace or top any fluids.

Keep a tire gauge in your car in order to check tire pressure regularly. Tires that are in poor shape can easily malfunction and put you and your passengers’ safety at risk. To ensure your tires are at the correct air pressure level, consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual. It also may be listed on your vehicle’s doorpost, glove box door or fuel door. The rate at which the tires lose pressure depends upon the temperature outside. Air pressure in a tire goes down approximately 1-2 pounds for every 10 degrees of temperature change.  This being said, it is especially important to consistently check tire pressure in fall and early winter months.

Keep your used car clean. Many people underestimate the importance of a clean car. Car washes keep your vehicle’s body healthy.  The dirt, dust and grime that is picked up on your car when you drive it can chip away at the vehicle’s paint, and is rough on your vehicle’s exterior. Most people slack off on washing their vehicle during the winter months, when in fact, keeping your vehicle clean during the winter is when it is most important. Salt that is put on roads for melting ice can cause chipping of your vehicle’s exterior, exposing the sheet metal and causing your exterior to rust. Rust can expose some interior elements of your car to damage. To avoid rust and exposed sheet metal on your used car, wash it regularly and be sure to have it waxed as well. Wax protects your car’s body once it is clean. It prevents any dust or grime from making contact with your paint.

Always be on top of your oil changes.  This is one of the easiest scheduled car repairs your vehicle can have, yet time and time again, people ruin their vehicle’s engine because they fail to keep up with their scheduled oil changes. Failure to check and change your vehicle’s oil leads to engine failureComputer Technology Articles, which can lead to costly auto repair or even the need to buy a whole new vehicle.

Keep air filter clean. The air filter’s purpose is to keep all particles and dust out of the engine to prevent contamination and engine damage. When the air filter becomes dirty is can reduce engine efficiency and cause serious damage. Keeping the air filter clean also increases fuel economy for your used vehicle.

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4 Car Myths

March 22, 2016

Myth-vs-FactWhen it comes to car maintenance, it means taking care of the interiors, exteriors and engine of the vehicle. Maintaining the interior includes taking care of the dashboard, controls, upholstery and seats. Car exterior maintenance involves ensuring that the car stays clean, looks gleaming and its color fresh. Engine maintenance includes servicing the car, change of oil, and many others. But, here are some common myths that many people believe with regards to vehicle maintenance.

Myth #1 – Synthetic oil is best for all types of cars.

Fact – While synthetic oil is without a doubt good for automobiles, it is not ideal for all. Those older car models that do not produce a high fuel consumption should avoid using synthetic oil. The mechanical wear in older vehicles is much higher compared to the newer ones, and using synthetic oil in these cars eventually ends up damaging the vehicle, as there are more risks of an internal oil leakage.

Myth #2 – Air conditioners harm gas mileage.
Fact – Driving a car with the windows closed and the air conditioning in full blast, does help in decreasing fuel consumption. It is because when the windows are open, this increases the drag in the automobile, which causes the engine to perform harder to overcome this level of resistance. This consequently consumes more fuel. However, automobiles use more fuel when caught in bumper to bumper traffic. For the reason that the foot of the driver is on the clutch most often, while the engine is still attached to the transmission, and so, fuel is being used.

Myth #3 – You need to change oil every 3,000 miles.
Fact – There is no need to change the oil in the engine every 3000 miles. Car experts advise that if the automobile is new, it can run without having to do an oil change for about 7,500 miles. However, if the vehicle is old, and is having some problems, then changing it every 3,000 miles is a good idea, but only when necessary.

VinAudit is a startup offering a low-cost alternative to Carfax. We believe the days are numbered for paying $35-$40 to see the basic VinAudit Car History data for a vehicle– in fact, it should really be free.

Myth #4 – Using premium gas helps make the car fuel efficient.
Fact – Actually, premium gas does not do anything for the performance of the car, as it does not increase fuel efficiency, clean the engine, nor is it more pure than the standard gas. The manual of your own car describes exactly what gas is suitable for your automobile. Many luxury cars require premium gas because their engines are especially made to use that type of gas. If you use premium gas in a regular car, you might wind up harming the engine of your car over time.

As technological innovations progressFeature Articles, and so do the common myths relating to the working of the cars. Read the user manual carefully before instead of following any of the myths mentioned above.

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LED vs. Regular Vehicle Headlights

March 1, 2016

LED_DaytimeRunningLightsThe  popularity of LED headlights is increasing with every passing day. Not just only in cars, trucks, motorcycles and every second vehicle spotted on the road, are opting for LED headlights  instead of the traditional halogen ones.

Some of the luxury brands of cars are fitting their latest and high end models with LED headlights;  other car owners, judging the performance and looks are replacing their fitted headlights with LED ones. The available LED headlight kits in the market have made it easier for these car owners to replace the lamps themselves without any professional help.

If you are dwindling on making a decision regarding the replacement of your existing halogen headlights with LED headlights for cars, and still have some doubts about their efficiency, read on.

Some of the benefits of LED headlights for cars are:

Greater Efficiency

LED headlights are far better than halogen headlights. They emit more light and less heat. This feature, in turn, reduces the load on the car energy. A car fitted with LED headlights has less fuel consumption as well. The gas-less light emitting diodes are responsible for this efficiency, which the halogen bulbs lack. LED headlights have proven to be 90% more efficient, converting 80% of their energy into light, as compared to a negligible 20% efficiency of halogen lights.

Better Lighting Capacity

If your car is fitted with halogen headlights you must be well aware of the range of light they cast. A yellow colored light is emitted from these lamps, which is restricted to just a few feet away ahead of the car. This reduces the peripheral visions of the driver, and increases chances of danger, especially while driving under unfavorable weather conditions and untraveled roads. LED headlights for cars, on the other hand, emit a bright, white light that travels to a larger span of the area ahead. This improved quality of lighting, makes them suitable and favorable for driving, especially after dark.

Higher Durability

LED highlights are composed of single parts that are a diode. This simplicity in manufacturing makes them less prone to damage and last longer than halogen and HID bulbs. Halogen or HID alternatives are composed of a bulb case, filaments, charge source and many other small components, any of which can fail, at any point of time. You can expect LED headlights for cars to last as much as 100,000 driving hours as compared to a mere 5000 hours of halogen. This is another important factor of LED headlights that has made them so popular among the motorists.

Higher Appeal

If you are interested in increasing the aesthetic appeal of your car, LED lights should be your option. Apart from headlights there is a wide variety of LED light accessories for cars, like Led Illuminated Wheel Rings, LED underglow lights and other lighting options that can change the appearance of your car powerfully. LED headlights of cars, makes it visually impressive apart from increasing the lighting quality.

These, along with some other few more benefits have resulted in a major shift in the market, from halogen to LED, while selecting lights for cars. Not only do these LED lights mean safer driving, but also helps to save on cost. These easy-to-install kits are surging the car lighting market, and is estimated to sweep it overFree Reprint Articles, until the technology evolves further for the better.

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$AVE Big with a FSBO Purchase!

February 11, 2016

stock-footage-for-sale-sign-put-in-car-windowLocal used car for sale by owner… this term crosses people’s mind when they’re in the market for their next vehicle. Most people are under the assumption that “for sale by owner” means it’s cheaper. Of course, this can be true… so long as research is done on the vehicle.

Of course, the reverse is true for the statement. It could cost you a lot of money if you don’t do your homework or you ignore what you have learned. It’s for that reason that dealers and individuals have little remorse for the uneducated shopper when it comes to the aftermath of car buying.

What Does Used Car For Sale By Owner Mean

What does it mean by local used car for sale by owner? It means you’re dealing with a private seller. These are people who don’t have a company, don’t have employees, have a rental lot or anything that comes with the running of a car dealership. Thus, most used cars for sale by owner can be sold for much less than a similar vehicle at a car dealership.

How To Handle A Private Dealer

When you’re talking with private car sellers, you should know that they’re looking out for their best interest as you are looking out for yours. So, begin asking questions about the vehicle in question. Of course, never take what they say at face value. Always do your research! The best way you can do this is to use Carfax, which is a report that’ll give you detailed information about the vehicle you’re inquiring about including the number of accidents, owners, and huge mechanical issues the vehicle has had that were repaired.

Thus, the best thing you can do is have the seller give you a report that comes from a brand name mechanical shop that can tell you the car’s condition. Then use the report to assess how you think the car is: fair, good or excellent. After you’ve assessed the vehicle’s condition, you can check the Kelley Blue Book to see what the fair market value is.

How Can You Find A Worthwhile For Sale By Own Vehicle

It’s not that difficult to find your used vehicle from a private seller. In fact, the first option at your disposal is to use the local newspapers. Check out the magazines and the Internet to find your next vehicle. You can use the services of eBay or Craigslist to look for a used car. These places charge a person to list the vehicles and, the larger the monetary amount being asked, the higher the fee. You should look for places that don’t charge fees to list vehicles. Consider places that give you free consultations or tips to vehicle buyers. Websites that operate like this will make their money through the buyers who visit the site, not the listing of the vehicles.

Bear in mind that the vehicle asking price will not equal the final price you have to pay for it. You still have to pay for the sales tax, the license registration and all the maintenance on the vehicle.

In the endFree Web Content, a for sale by owner vehicle could be the best thing you ever did or your worst nightmare. If really depends on how aware you are about vehicles and the research you get done on the vehicles you are looking at.

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Getting a CARFAX Report

January 27, 2016

Auto-AccidentBefore you decide to buy a car, it is essential that you know about its history. In this context, the history indicates the body type, model, make, year and other information pertaining to the vehicle. More often than not, car dealers will not offer you this kind of documentation. You will need to pay some amount and get it from the authorized source. However, there is also a way to get a free CarFax vehicle report, which is explained further below.


Naturally, every automobile has a history information. Such important information must be known to you, as the buyer, so that you will understand what you are investing your money in. The complete history of the car is usually not known to the customer. It can cause some issues, for example, what if the automobile may have a police record and was sold by its owner stealthily? Or, perhaps the automobile you have selected was a used one that has been repaired and resold to your car dealer? If ever the background of the car is not checked early on, you will likely get the worst end of the deal, which is not your fault at all.

Ways to Get a CarFax Vehicle History Report

  • Use the CARFAX website that is considered to have just about every information regarding almost all of the vehicle models.
  • Basically, the company pay for all the essential resources such as the software, computers, staff, and so on. And, the details are displayed cost free.
  • The vehicle report includes details including the ownership of the vehicle, service records, mileage history, and the like.
  • To secure a free CARFAX report in here, you will need to sign up for an account at the website.
  • Check out the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the car you wish to purchase. It is usually printed on a sticker that is found somewhere on the automobile.
  • You may do that as you are taking the car for a test drive.
  • Sign in to your CarFax account, and paste the VIN to get your vehicle history report.

As already mentioned, not every car dealer may be aware of the complex information of the vehicle history. Even if the dealer does, it is not necessary that you will be truthfully informed regarding the subject. In such a caseFree Reprint Articles, obtain a CarFax vehicle history report to be able to ensure you are making a reliable car purchase.

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Need a New Car Battery?

January 15, 2016

Car-Battery-turned-into-Solar-CElls-658x370Anyone living in a very cold climate has struggled with automobile batteries that will not start when the ground is covered with snow and the temperature dips below freezing. When purchasing a new automobile battery, pay attention to the cold-cranking amps or CCAs. This determines how well it can perform when the winter weather comes. No one desires to spend time scraping snow off the car, solely to be faced with a car that will not start.

Many folks do not understand why cars usually will not start throughout cold weather snaps. As the weather dips below freezing, a car’s oil begins to thicken and it makes chemical reactions slow and sluggish. When the engine’s chemicals thicken, it becomes extraordinarily difficult for the battery to ignite, leaving automotive owners stuck in the cold with a automobile that does not start.

Once a automobile owner determines the proper size battery to purchase, he ought to research different battery brands. Most automobile makers advocate certain battery brands for their specific cars. Generally, automobile owners feel the suggested brand is just too expensive and become tempted to purchase the most affordable brand on the market. Before making this choice, browse customer reviews and email online retailers to determine which discount brands are best for the car.

When buying automotive batteries, consult the owner’s guide or automobile manufacturer to see what battery sort is recommended. Most automobile manufacturers give car owner’s battery guidelines as well as the suitable quantity of CCAs. Not all cars support the identical sorts of batteries, therefore be positive to do a little research prior to making a purchase. For those unable to seek out a battery that matches the recommended CCAs, purchase one with slightly more CCAs.

While it may appear time consuming, doing analysis before getting a brand new car battery helps car owners determine the best car batteries for them. Research the suitable size and brand for a specific car. Consult auto-supply professionals, customer reviewsPsychology Articles, and the owner’s guide when searching for brand spanking new car batteries. Also contemplate the battery’s reserve capacity which will help drivers get to safety in the event of a mechanical emergency.

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Benefits to Airport Car Rentals

December 30, 2015

airport rentalWhether you are taking a business trip or you are away from home for a few days on vacation, an important consideration you face is to decide on the easiest transportation options available to you while you are away. An option to consider is using airport car rentals.

When considering the cost of using the airport car rental as opposed to using your car or public transportation and taxis, you will realize that although the rental of a car comes at a greater cost than the other transportation options (such as taxis and public transportation), you will find that the peace of mind, time saved, and the convenience of immediately jumping into a rental when you arrive at the airport, and having it available to you constantly, might be the real savings that you appreciate.

The airport car rental is best booked as far ahead of the needed time as possible to be able to get the exact car and the best possible price available. Late booking can result in a rental cost of as much as 35 to 45 percent higher. Also, when booking ahead, you should explore the special weekly or weekend rates some companies may offer for longer rental periods.

If you are traveling for pleasure or for business, perhaps the best decision you can make is to book a car from airport car rental. Doing this, will prove to be the best use of your time since the transportation issue will already be taken care of. When your plane lands, you will not have to waste time hailing a taxi, or waiting on a friend or business associate to pick you up at the airport. You would have booked a car and it would be waiting for you to pick up at the time you specified.

Using airport car rental allows you to focus your time on the task on hand, either the business trip that you are taking, or enjoying yourself on the vacation that you had planned. Getting from one place to another, even if you are new to the area, will be a simple matter of asking for directions at the hotel desk, plotting your journey with the GPS device in the car and setting out with your car. You will be totally self-reliant and there will not be a need to coordinate your schedule with someone who will transport you to your any place you want to go.

Yet another reason to use airport car rental is that your company may be footing the bill so you will not need to take your car or rely on public transportation. Your company may have a special long term relationship with the car rental agency and may even get specially discounted corporate rates.

One very important reason for using airport car rental is that you will be certain to receive reliable transportation straight from the airport, you will not have to look for transportation as it will already be waiting for you once your plane arrives and it will be to you specification. When you ordered the car you would have specified exactly the size and any other particulars, such as a non-smoking car, you wanted in a car.

After reaching your travel destination, the ideal situation for you would be to just leave the plane, hop over to the car rentals area, get into the car you had already reserved online, get your luggage and drive to your hotel location.

When in need of a car on a business or pleasure trip, you should think about the airport car rental. Any added expense you incurFree Reprint Articles, will be worth the extra convenience you experience and the time saved.

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Got Road Rage?!

December 15, 2015

road-rageEverybody who drives is pretty much guaranteed to possess a basic understanding of what’s required when driving. They know the laws, they know what to look for, and they have knowledge of the rules that come with operating a vehicle on the road. Driving lessons basically ensure this. However, it seems these days that not many people know what to respect and to do when it comes to the rules that aren’t on paper. There is a whole different layer when it comes to the nature of driving, one that involves a highly social and psychological aspect that determines far more than what people give it credit for.

Everybody who drives is pretty much guaranteed to possess a basic understanding of what’s required when driving. They know the laws, they know what to look for, and they have knowledge of the rules that come with operating a vehicle on the road. Driving lessons basically ensure this.

However, it seems these days that not many people know what to respect and to do when it comes to the rules that aren’t on paper. There is a whole different layer when it comes to the nature of driving, one that involves a highly social and psychological aspect that determines far more than what people give it credit for. These are the rules of road etiquette, and they do just as much for ensuring that you drive safely as they do for the hard laws themselves — sometimes more, in fact.

The first thing about maintaining proper respect for driving is to know what the system involves. Sometimes, certain things are simply taken for granted that most people are expected to know. One of these things is the passing lane on highways. Basically speaking, there are two lanes on a highway, and one is dedicated to cruising while the other is meant for passing. Determine what this means for your region, recognize it, and in turn respect it. Nobody likes someone who camps the passing lane. It’s not only inefficient, but also potentially dangerous.

A second and extremely important part of road etiquette is using signals. On the most basic level, this involves making good use of those levers sticking out from the column of your steering wheel, or a place nearby. It could also mean anything from blinking, using indicators, hand signals, or — in desperate situations — honking (another etiquette rule: don’t do this). Communication is not telepathic: It’s never obvious when you decide to change lanes, so don’t expect others to know ahead of time. A careless maneuver with your car can mean the difference between the gentle merging of traffic and a crushed rear bumper, if not worse.

Nobody likes a loudmouth. This is especially true of a loudmouth who makes it his business to threaten everybody else’s lives by using a cell phone while driving. This one is simple. You simply show the greatest respect for both yourself and other people by sticking to the road and not your conversation. Despite how much you may think otherwise, cell phones occupy an enormous amount of your attention and demand much from your senses. You need everything for paying attention to the road. Not only is it safer to not use a cell phone, it’s also simply less obnoxious to look at. When was the last time you saw a person at a red light yakking it up without a care in a world? Want to ride in the car of that person? Not a good idea, obviously.

In the end, you can learn a lot by simply showing respect by using common sense. HoweverPsychology Articles, you may not intend to be offensive or to do things that can be unsafe. Maybe you’re only new to driving and haven’t figured out yet those things that are taken for granted or expected out of you. A gooddriving school can provide not only the right way to drive but also the right mentality to use when driving as well.

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December 1, 2015

ima_service_solutions_extended_warrantyWhen it comes to making a large purchase, most of us like to make sure that we get the best deal possible. Unfortunately, many UK consumers are paying over the odds for car warranty policies, often due to some fairly common mistakes.

Being aware of the typical mistakes that individuals make when buying car warranties is a good start if you want to avoid falling into the same traps. The first mistake that most people make is to fail to compare the various policies that are on offer.

If you don’t spend some time looking at the different policies that are available, then you’re likely to find it extremely difficult to identify whether an individual policy offers real value for money.

Taking the time to shop around for cover that is of the right standard and price can make a big difference, both to your peace of mind and to your pocket.

The internet has made it easier than it has ever been before to carry out research before making a buying decision. Make sure that you know exactly what type of cover you are looking for and what a fair price would be.

If you’re unsure as to the quality of cover that you require, or about the price that you’re expecting to pay, then you’re almost certainly not in a position to make a purchase.

Buying car warranty, just like purchasing so many other goods and services, relies on you having enough knowledge to make the best decision for your needs.

A further mistake that many consumers make is to approach their local car retailer, believing that this is the route to the best possible deal.

Although some car retailers do offer some excellent policies, you may find that they are not necessarily the best value for money. If you’ve carried out your research then you should be able to spot whether or not something is a good deal.

Once again, this is an area where the internet proves invaluable. There are a number of independent warranty specialists selling to car owners online.

Make use of the internet to secure the best possible deal and avoid making the mistakes that so many come to regret.

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Top Jeep Accessories: Personalize that Wrangler!!

November 3, 2015

eaa9aa11d496db8c38c4abc6105fb4b6Whether you’ve got a jeep already or are looking to pick one up as a rock crawler, you know how important it is to technoligize your 4X4 with heavy-duty parts. It’s a jeep thing; learn to upgrade yours with this quick overview of popular jeep accessories.

It’s a jeep thing; even if you don’t own a jeep, you know of the cult that surrounds the name. From spunky beach-town cruisers to rock crawling monsters, Jeeps are without a doubt the most capable and modifiable vehicles on the planet. If you’re curious about the different paths you can take with your jeep, then this guide is for you.

Let’s say you just picked up a canary yellow 4-door jeep from the local dealer. Heck, you probably got a great deal on it, considering the financial trouble that Chrysler is facing. You got the basic package, avoiding any over-priced dealer add-ons, but there are a couple things you are going to need to make the new Wrangler compliment your lifestyle.

First things first, get a top for it! Most Jeeps come without a roof, so unless you live on a warm tropical island that never sees any rain, you’ll need something to cover it up. There are a few different options and your choice will be driven the local climate. If you live in an area with 4 seasons, from sunshine to snowfall, you’ll want probably want a hard top. Jeep hard tops have better insulation and offer better vehicle security, but can be cumbersome to remove and store. If winters aren’t too harsh or you don’t drive that much in the winter, a soft top can suffice. Jeep soft tops are a better choice for most people as they can be removed by one person, are easily stored and offer fairly good protection from the elements. If you live in a climate that sees rainfall a few days of the year and are not worried about thieves stealing things out of your Jeep, a bikini top is your best choice. Jeep bikini tops share similar form and function to their bathing suit cousins; they offer maximum exposure while providing a little protection to those vital areas you don’t want to get sunburned. They are easy to store and even easier to install; tie one on and you’re ready for a day of fun in the sun.

If you choose to forgo a jeep top, you’ll definitely want to pick up a set of jeep seat covers. The sun can be a cruel mistress and her UV rays can destroy your seats in just a few short years. If you bought your Jeep used and the seats came sans-fabric, you might want to consider replacing them with an aftermarket set of jeep seats, specially designed to keep you and your occupants planted inside the cab. If your jeep came without doors, do yourself a favor and avoid a lawsuit by getting a pair of tubular jeep doors; they look cool, protect you from falling out and let you see any rocks that your tires might be grappling with. Speaking of tires, jeep suspension kits are a must have if you plan to do any amount off-roading. From front and rear diffs to lift kits and fender flares meant to house 35” mudders, the options are near limitless. If you plan to go on some big excursions, make sure to have a proper spare tire mount with an extra can of gas. The last thing you want is to be stranded in the wilderness stuck in a rut somewhere with a flat. If you do get stuckScience Articles, at least make sure to have some tunes jamming to break the silence while you wait for backup. But let’s face it; Jeep did a half-arse job with their choice of stereo equipment. Those 4” dash speaker just don’t cut it if you drive a vehicle that is an open-air roof 99% of the time. You’re going to need some decent watts if you want to rock out proper. Jeep sound bars are a great way to direct crisp audio to your ears while utilizing the roll bar as a choice mounting location. Toss a sub in the back and you’re ready to walk up that Stairway to Heaven.

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